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Turn Your Shopify Store into a Mobile App to Maximize Mobile Reach

Consumers have become “mobile-crazy” and the meteoric rise of mobile apps compels store owners to have branded apps. Leverage AFS- Shopify mobile app builder to boost conversion rates, and 43X average ROI with engagement and reap the fruits of your labor with a smart move that includes getting optimum conversions.

92.3% of Internet Users Access Mobile Phone to Get Things Done


Problems with Shopping website

Web traffic down after campaign

Unable to retain customer back

Poor Leggy shopping experience

Difficult to track order & Returns


Solutions With Shopping App

5X Conversation rate with Customers

Re-Engage Customer with Push Notification

Dedicated Stunning Mobile App

Better Shopping Experience with Track Order

Unleash the Power of Mobile Goes Beyond You Imagine

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Start with a 15-Day Trial

Cater to the rising needs of mobile customers and get started with a 15-day free trial. Leverage our Shopify mobile app builder and integrate your store with the emerging tech stack. From templates to customisation to push notifications and easy checkouts, it's a matter of a couple of clicks to develop your branded apps, credit goes to AFS’s simple structure and organised guidelines.

Get Started with the Extensive Range of Templates

Regardless of your business size and type, explore a wide range of appealing templates with powerful features and dynamic UI. One template or style fits none! We know your store is unique and seeks the extraness to stand tall in the market. So, we have come up with different template options for domains and store types. Please choose the best for your store and start customising it effortlessly.

Style your app exactly how you want

After choosing the template, add and customise the sections. Choose fonts, add images/videos, customize your content and make your app your own. Take full control of some important elements and add items or products according to your requirements. Put the logo, change colours, add items, do much more with the template, and give your app an identity.

Sneak Peek Perfection with Shopify App Builder !

Elevate your Shopify mobile app game with our builder's "Preview Your Design" feature – see your ideas come to life before hitting publish! Instantly tweak and refine your app's appearance with live previews, ensuring every detail effortlessly aligns with your brand's aesthetic. Craft a captivating mobile shopping experience with ease. Our Shopify App Builder lets you effortlessly customize and preview, guaranteeing a polished app that wows your customers !

Go Live Quickly on Play Store and App Store

Launch your dream app effortlessly on both the Play Store and App Store. No tech hurdles – just a simple click, and your app is live for the world to explore. Elevate your online presence today! Seamlessly reach a global audience, boost engagement, and watch your business thrive in the app-savvy world.

Enhance Your App Even After Launch!

Transform your app post-launch with our dynamic features! Modify design elements, add products, or make updates effortlessly with our user-friendly Shopify App Builder. Enjoy the flexibility to refine and evolve your app as your business grows, ensuring it stays fresh, engaging, and aligned with your brand. Stay in control, stay ahead !

Develop Branded Apps in a Matter of Minutes

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Let’s Decode the Mobile Maza: Browser vs Apps

Stay ahead of the competitive curve and start with AFS Shopify mobile app builder to navigate the digital era. In the pictorial view below, witness the jaw-dropping numbers and make the data-driven decision for your online store that will eventually lead your Shopify store to digital success and incite 3X more engagement in no time.

Have a Look at Stunning UI of AFS







Have a Look at Stunning UI of AFS







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Modern Features that Scales with Your Business

Unlock a world of possibilities with our finest set of features! Seamlessly integrate diverse payment methods tailored to your audience. Enhance user experience with an intuitive "Add to Cart" functionality, making shopping a breeze. Our platform goes beyond the basics – experience dynamic changes effortlessly. Adapt, evolve, and thrive in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape with our feature-rich toolkit. Elevate your online store and captivate customers with a personalized, dynamic, and user-friendly shopping experience.