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Capture a Large Market Share with Shopify Mobile App Builder

Customers prefer mobile apps for everything, including ordering, booking, and studying. Leverage our eCommerce mobile app builder to go mobile and turn your Shopify store into a mobile app. It helps brands build fast, robust, and easy-to-use mobile apps without all technical know-how. So what's stopping you? Deliver a unique experience to your "mobile-centric" audience and make your online presence stand out.

More than 92.3% of digital shoppers prefer mobile applications to get things done


Problems with Shopping website

Less traffic as compared to mobile

Poor customer retention ratio

It is challenging to access products anywhere

Awful shopping experience


Solutions With Shopping App

3x more conversion

Stay connected with customers

Engaging user experience

Access anywhere, anytime

Reap Benefits of Online Store App Builder to Grow Your eCommerce Business

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Start with a 15-Day Trial

Cater to the rising needs of mobile customers and get started with a 15-day free trial. Make the most of the best Shopify mobile app builder and integrate your Shopify store with the Android and iOS apps. Access many templates, integrate plugins and customize the app per your branding requirements.

Choose the best template and experiment with different colours and schemes

Irrespective of your industry type and domain, access a wide range of beautiful templates with robust features and dynamic UI. We know your store’s requirements are unique, and we seek something extra to stand out in the market. Hence, we are presenting various templates for different stores and domains. Choose the best template and start designing your store effortlessly.

Keep what you like and skip what you don’t

After choosing the best template, add or remove features according to your requirements. Choose fonts, add high-quality images, choose a colour pallet per your branding guidelines, and personalize your app as you want. Arrange products, add descriptions, and add other necessary details to make your app distinct.

Experience real-time changes before going LIVE

Once you are done with the necessary customization, preview the changes and feel how your ideas convert to results before going live. If you are unsatisfied with the current version, customize it and refine your app’s look and feel until you feel content. Make the most out of the Shopify mobile app template, modify it and please your customers with a fantastic app

Submit Your App to the Play Store and App Store

Once you have made the necessary modifications, go live and submit your apps to popular app stores to integrate Shopify with an Android/iOS app. Reap the benefits of mobile commerce with the finest app solutions and serve global customers. After launching, collect customer feedback and make changes to upscale business performance.

Fine-tune Your App Even After Publish

Stay connected with evolving trends and make necessary changes to your app according to customer requirements. Edit the theme and design, add or remove features, and keep updating the app using our eCommerce mobile app builder. Use our powerful features to fine-tune the app you have always wanted.

Drive traffic that converts using our mobile app builder for Shopify

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Let’s Decode the Mobile Maza: Browser vs Apps

Makeup close to 70% of retail commerce with mobile app builders for Shopify stores. The above image depicts how mobile apps for your Shopify store bring fruitful benefits to your online store. So what are you waiting for? Embrace the mobile mindset, convert your Shopify store to a mobile app, and perform well in mCommerce while leading to successful marketing campaigns.

Have a Look at Stunning UI of AFS







Have a Look at Stunning UI of AFS







Let Your Shopify Store Speak for You Using the Best Shopify Mobile App Builder

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Advanced Integrations for Your Mobile Apps

Bid goodbye to complicated coding structures and the unnecessary bugs you face from custom app development. Try our online store app builder for easy, quick, cost-effective, no-code solutions. Whether managing orders, collecting payments, sending push notifications, or streamlining other eCommerce operations, the AFS - mobile app builder for Shopify lets you unify and simplify all your data into a common source. We are on a mission to break all barriers to no-code, providing you with cutting-edge solutions with advanced features.

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