How Do You Change The Shopify Store Name And Domain? A Detailed Guide

Changing your Shopify store name and domain to rebrand your digital store is similar to a strategic facelift in the virtual world. Just as a captain familiar with a new course would do, adjusting these key factors involves careful planning and execution. 

Imagine a small artisanal bakery nestled in the crowded streets of New York City. Over the years, Bread & Bliss was primarily known for providing warm, artisanal treats. However, as the city’s culinary scene developed, the bakery’s owners concluded that they needed to rebrand by adopting a new, more excellent image to stay current. 

Therefore, they took off for the rebranding expedition, which was more than just a name change but a total transformation of their online existence, i.e., a journey into the digital world and reinventing their store’s front door. The data reveal the potency of a well-elaborated rebranding strategy. 

It is revealed that 73% of customers declare that a brand’s reputation affects their buying decisions. It shows a store’s name and domain’s importance for creating trust and good customer perception. 

In another example, ‘The Green Thumb Gardeners,’ a family-owned gardening supplies business, registered many users who came to their site after rebranding to ‘Green Haven Gardens.’ ‘ This did not only captivate their eco-conscious customers. However, it has also helped attract a broader spectrum of people to recognize the shop as the one place for environmentally friendly gardening needs.

This detailed guide goes into the nitty-gritty of changing the store name and the domain in your Shopify store, as it shows how to do this, what the best approach is, and some real successful stories. Whether you want to redefine a heritage, chase particular markets, or just update your online content, this guide is your compass as you set out in the adventurous seas of rebranding in the digital age. 

Defining a Shopify Domain

The online landscape of eCommerce is like the ocean where the Shopify domain is much more than the address. Your brand’s online store is the virtual door customers approach to enter and navigate through your store’s products. Here’s a breakdown of what a Shopify domain entails and why it’s a critical component of your online presence:

  1. The Shopify domain represents your brand’s identity on the Internet. It captures your brand name, encompasses your organization’s principles, and leaves a customer with a positive impression.
  2. A carefully selected domain expands your brand’s discoverability scope. 
  3. It helps your online store be distinctive and convenient for your niche-based customers.
  4. A professional and relevant domain brandishes the confidence and credibility of your brand. 
  5. Customers are willing to pay more attention to and buy from a website receiving a more trusted domain name.
  6. Optimizing your Shopify domain can enhance search engine optimization (SEO). A domain with relevant keywords or brand names helps you to be placed higher on search engine pages, even though it is invisible to your site.
  7. A consistent Shopify domain gives everyone equal footing regardless of which platforms they use, from your website to social media profiles. This process helps build your brand recognition and digital presence.

The domains generated by Shopify provide flexibility and scalability so that your business can grow organically, access new markets, and adapt to changing business demands. A Shopify domain is not merely an addition to your store; it’s a vital component that generates your eCommerce business’s image or brand awareness, online recognition, and long-term prosperity.

Why Change Your Shopify Store Name or Domain?

Imagine your Shopify store, “HealthyHarvestFoods,” into organic snacks and supplements. While growing your product line to include skincare and wellness products, you sense that the store’s name can no longer express 100% the type of products on offer. 

Renaming your store to “PureLivingMarket” can project a more comprehensive image of your holistic philosophy on health and wellness, marketing to those searching for a nature-centred lifestyle.

In addition, imagine you started the first by marketing yourself to a local market using ” As your business expands and you want to go nationwide, opt for a domain that is brand specific, such as “NourishWellnessMarket. “com” or similar podcasting. This is one way your brand can be known in other regions, not only where the website was launched.

Similarly, if you need a new name for your Shopify store or domain to denote a change in your product range and your business’s goals, you can reflect the changing times and stay relevant.

How to Change Your Shopify Store Name?

It’s easy to change the name of your Shopify store from the backend; here are three easy steps to follow.

1. Click settings in the bottom left corner of your Shopify dashboard after it has opened.


2. On the “Store details” tab, click. Next, select “Edit” under “Basic Information.”


3. Enter your new store name in the store name field. Click Save in the top right corner. If necessary, you can also change the name of your legal firm.


And it is that simple! Now, although following these three steps will rename your Shopify store, it won’t update any personalized logos you may have.

Shopify has a cool, free logo builder to get you started if you need a new logo to represent your store’s new name. It’s also crucial to remember that altering your Shopify store’s name won’t update your store’s URL. Let’s find out how you may accomplish it as well.

How to Change Your Shopify Domain Name?

Unfortunately, changing your store’s domain name——is difficult and involves a few extra procedures, such as creating a new account.

You must first specify precisely what you hope to improve. Can your customers view the store URL? 

In such a case, you must add a new domain to your store and utilize it as the primary, without really changing the name “” You have two options: purchase a new one or use the one you own.

A well-chosen domain name enhances your business’s visibility on Google and clarifies its purpose for casual browsing and guests. For marketing purposes, this is not only valuable but also essential. Furthermore, a distinctive domain name can make your company stand out. 

It is recommended to select short Shopify domain names since they are simple to enter and remember, preventing careless typos that could direct potential buyers to other people’s websites.

It’s quick and straightforward to modify your Shopify domain. These are three simple steps.

Step 1

Go to your Shopify admin panel and sign in with your credentials. Find Settings and select it. Click on Settings and then click on General.


Step 2 

Purchasing a domain via Shopify is the most straightforward of the three options.

Enter the desired store URL, and Shopify will display the relevant prices. To complete your purchase and begin utilizing your new URL, click Buy.


Step 3 

Here, you are left with two options: opt for a new domain or connect your existing domain and verify your connection. 


You can link your domain to Shopify and validate your connection if you already have one and want to keep using it.


Step 4 

Lastly, you can transfer your domain to Shopify if you currently hold it through a third party but would like to switch to Shopify.

Since it entails changing the domain’s ownership, this is one of the trickier choices. Before you can verify your domain in Shopify, you must first make sure it is transferable.


You can modify your Shopify URL by following these steps once your domain is linked to your Shopify store.

Quick Recap 

Overall, changing your store’s name and domain is quite an easy procedure that requires just several simple actions. With keen attention to detail and by following all the guidelines outlined in our guide, you can make your website transition effortless, and you will not have to worry about its performance or SEO ranking.

While the process can be easy, it still necessitates tracking your website for SEO after making these changes. Keep this in mind and pay attention to traffic, bounce rate, and keyword rankings to ensure that your website keeps its high ranking in the search engine results.

If you have problems or questions during the phase, don’t be afraid to contact our team for help. Our experts are available to ensure that the Shopify store name and domain change goes smoothly and without issues so that you can concentrate on running your business without interruptions.

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