How to Create A Google Play Developer Account?

A Google Play Developer account is important for getting your app featured on the Google Play Store, serving Android users. As per Google’s regulations and policies, it’s mandatory to establish your own developer account if you intend to make your app accessible through the Play Store.

Here’s some good news: when you have your app on the Google Play Store using your developer account, it will carry your brand’s name and you’ll be in charge. Plus, your company’s identity will be visible on the Play Store.

What is a Google Play  Developer Account?

A Google Developer Account is a special online account that lets you create and manage apps and services on Google platforms, like the Play Store for Android apps and Google Cloud services. It’s your key to working with Google’s developer tools and resources.

Now, let’s dive into some simple steps for making your Google Play Developer Account.

Step 1: Visit the Google Developer Console

Go to the Google Developer Console website using your web browser.

The URL is: 

Step 2: Sign In or Create a Google Account

If you already have a Google account, sign in with your existing credentials. If you don’t have a Google account, then click on the “Create account” link and follow the prompts to create one. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, password, and other requested information.

Step 3: Choose Account Type

Then, you need to choose the type of your account and enroll it as an “Organization or Business”

Choose Account Type


Step 4: Organization’s Information 

Now, you will see one form on your screen, provide the required information by filling out the form.

Organization’s Information


Step 5: About You 

In your next step, you will simply need to explain why you are registering in the Google Play Developer Account.

About You


Step 6: Apps Section 

You need to complete the ‘Apps’ section and fill out the Apps information form. Enlist the number of Apps you want to create and select ‘No’ for earning money on Google Play. Choose “none of the above”  for the ‘Apps Categories’

Apps Section


Step 7: Final Step

In your last step, check and agree to the terms. Then, choose ‘Create an account and pay’ to mention your payment details.

Final Step


That’s it! You now have a Google Developer account. You can start creating projects, accessing APIs, and using Google’s developer resources for your applications and services. Be sure to explore the specific tools and services you’re interested in, such as the Google Play Console for Android app development or the Google Cloud Platform for cloud-based applications.

Invite Us!

To allow App for Store to handle your app’s launch, grant permission to the App For Store team by sharing your Google Play Console account with our account [email protected]. Go to settings, then click on users and permissions. Invite as an ‘Admin’ role to finalize your Google Play Developer Account setup.


After submission of the app to the Google Play Store & Apple App Store, their review team takes up to 7 business days to make the submitted app live in the respective platform. Also, AFS takes 2 – 4 business days to build your app according to your submitted design.

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